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Product Overview

Ready for a compact tampon with full-sized period protection? U by Kotex Click Multipack Tampons (regular, super and super plus) allow you to discreetly carry in your purse or pocket. Small in size but big on protection, these tampons go from compact to a full-size tampon in one easy step. Pull the lower half of the tampon until you hear it lock and then insert. Click Tampons are designed with a smooth tip for comfortable, quick and easy insertion. The tampon expands so you’re fully covered to help stop leaks. These regular and super absorbency unscented tampons are not made with natural rubber latex and have no fragrance added. Package contains 26 regular tampons, 12 super tampons, and 12 super plus tampons. Need additional coverage? Use U by Kotex Barely There Liners for backup protection.

Key Features

  • U by Kotex Click Regular, Super & Super Plus Tampons capture and absorb fluid for powerful period protection in every direction
  • Designed for comfort, CLICK tampons have a smooth tip for quick, easy and comfortable insertion
  • Unscented tampon expands and moves with you for full coverage, helping to prevent leaks
  • Small and compact to discreetly carry in your purse or pocket; transforms into full-sized tampon in one easy step
  • 50 compact tampons - Multipack includes 26 regular absorbency, 12 super absorbency and 12 super plus absorbency
  • Individually wrapped feminine product, ships directly to your door; Packaging may vary from image shown
  • Brand: U by Kotex
  • Manufacturer: U by Kotex
  • UPC: 036000475449
  • SKU: 2021-500000046781
  • Color: Multicolor
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Product Support

1. Wash your hands first. Take off the tampon's plastic wrap and throw it away, but don't flush it!
2. Starts compact. Pull until it locks into place and extends to full size. Check the applicator to make sure the string is firmly attached by giving it a little tug. Push gently on the plunger and make sure the tampon is positioned snugly against the applicator petals.
3. To put in the tampon, find a comfortable position either sitting (with your knees apart) or standing with one foot elevated.
4. Put the applicator tip into the opening of your vagina and gently glide it toward your lower back.
5. Keep easing the applicator in until you've inserted as far as the ring of the outer insertion tube. Continue holding the applicator, and then push the inner tube into the outer tube.
6. When the rings of the applicator are together, the tampon is in correctly. Gently remove both tubes, making sure the string is outside of your body. Do not flush!
7. To remove the tampon, relax and pull on the string at the same angle as the tampon was inserted. Change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours, including overnight. Remove each tampon before putting in a new one. Remember to remove the last tampon at the end of your period.
8. If you have trouble getting the tampon out, see your doctor or clinic for help.

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