The Circulator - Automatic 360 Rotating Swimming Pool Cleaner Return Jet


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Product Overview

The Circulator Powerful-Automatic 360° Rotating Water Jet, with its award winning, patented design, is the fastest automatic pool heating and chemical distribution system. There is absolutely nothing like it on the market today! The Circulator makes it super easy for you to enjoy a sparkling clean swimming pool, with very little effort. The extreme power of The Circulator gives all types of swimming pools total circulation -- replacing all fixed returns that only give you water flow to just a spot in one direction. Pool maintenance becomes virtually effortless, while you enjoy money savings every day. The patented Circulator has gained high recognition for more than eight years, when it was developed and tested by a renowned NASA fluid engineer.

The latest technology in complete water circulation, the fully automatic Circulator is revolutionizing the swimming pool industry by replacing all fixed return fittings with thrusting water up to 15 foot in a circular motion, covering the entire pool. The Circulator virtually eliminates dead areas of no chemicals and cold areas of non-heated water. So now you can finally say good-bye to cloudy pool water and algae while enjoying your pool more with deep heating, chemical savings, easy pool maintenance, and energy savings as an added bonus. The Circulator Powerful-Automatic 360° Rotating Water Jet is a must for ALL types of swimming pools worldwide, (concrete, fiberglass, vinyl, and above-ground and Intex pools), as it promotes energy conservation and money savings. Join the limitless amount of knowledgeable pool owners, all over the world, that are living easy while saving money today and every day with The Circulator. Get Up-to-Date and Circulate!

Key Features
  • Makes Pool Maintenance EASY - Relax & Have Fun!
  • Easy To Install - Screws or Pushes Into Existing Wall Returns
  • Works Automatically - Automatic 360 Rotating Water Jet
  • Works in Virtually ALL Pools - Above-Ground & Intex Too
  • Saves Electricity - Run Your Pool Pump Less Time
  • Virtually Eliminate Cloudy Pool Water and Algae
  • Chemicals Work More Efficiently - Enjoy a Healthy Pool
  • Fast Heating - Slash Heating Costs - No Cold Spots
Replace ALL Your Fixed Wall Returns and Watch Your Pool Come Alive!

Product Condition
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