Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake Hair Wax, 80g/2.8oz


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Product Overview

Wild Shake has the second strongest setting power but goes on smoothly to create a spiky, three-dimensional look. It adds a natural gloss to your hair and produces the moveable texture you desire, allowing you to reshape your style throughout the day.

Let's try a splashing and twirled three-dimensional style.
Creating a lot of tapered hair bundles generates movement in your styling, allowing you to achieve a wild look simply and easily.

Key Features

  • Bouncy finish; Create movement even when styling is lost.
  • Clear floral fragrance (mildly fragrant, non-lingering scent)
  • Developed in collaboration with Japan’s top hairstylists in 2006.
  • Styling made easy - soft texture blends easily and evenly throughout hair.
  • Movability - after applying the product once, reshape your look as many times as needed throughout the day.
  • No more sticky mess - formulated with a "smoothing polymer" allowing for a non-sticky, light and natural finish.
  • Recommended hair length: Short, Medium-Short
  • Styling Power: (9/10)
  • Shine: (4/10)
  • Size: 80g/2.8oz, Pack of 1
  • Paraben-free

Product Support

HOW TO USE: Apply small dab onto the palm of your hand. Spread out well and blend into ends of hair or other parts where you want movement. Remember, over application of this product will result in an undesirable effect. Always close cap properly after use.

Product Condition

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