DIRECTV SWM16 Single Wire Multi-Switch 16 Channel SWM-16


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Product Overview

This multiswitch allows for distribution of up to 16 coax outputs, all through two coax cables using SWM technology. What used to be a mass rewiring, can now be accomplished through two simple coax cables. Traditionally satellite needs DIRECTV lines from dish to the receiver. Each of the two outputs has the capacity to be split up to eight times once inside the building.

Key Features
  • Supports six (6) LNB inputs, each triple-band stacked four ports (Ports 1 - 4) cover existing 99°/101°, 103°/110°/119° satellites, plus two Flex Ports (95º sat and 72.5º sat)
  • When used with DECA adapters, will provide network access to all compatible receivers, unlike having two SWM8s, which will only pass network to half the receivers
  • The single line cannot be split 16 times, you must use both outputs, which can be split up to 8 times, totalling 16
  • DECA "bridge" Technology for IP callbacks and Multi-Room Viewing (MRV)
  • Provides two outputs to serve two customer dwellings (typical)
  • Die-cast housing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Provides AGC for the satellite input signal
  • Single wire technology allows for less cabling and less holes in the wall
  • For use with DIRECTV SL3 & SL5 satellite dishes (does NOT work with SWM dishes)
  • This system can support up to 16 DIRECTV satellite tuners, or 8 DVRS
  • Also provides four legacy outputs for older non-SWM equipment
  • Turns a standard SL5 or SL3 dish into a DIRECTV SWM system
  • Works well with SWM splitters only (Not included)
  • This product requires the SWM PI-29 29v Power Inserter (Not included)
  • Compatible with receivers: HR24, H24, H25, C31, C41, HR34, HR44, HR23, HR54, H23, HR22, H21, R16, D12, H20 w/.2042 Firmware Update
Product Condition
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